Delivery and return policies

The subject of this agreement is; to determine the rights and responsibilities of the Seller and the Buyer according to the clause 4077 of Law on Protection of Consumers and Distance Agreements Act, in the process of the Buyer placing an order online from of a product which has its specifications and price quoted below and the delivery of the mentioned product.


The online orders are processed according to the information provided by the Buyer on the type of the product/products, amount of products wanted, price and payment method. The delivery will only be made to the address specified in the online order. In case the delivery can not be made to the address due to wrong or missing information, the order to the new address will be made after determining extra cost of delivery to that address.


After the flowers are delivered to the address, due to the nature of the product, returns can only be made on the first 2 working days.


Purchases from the website can be done via credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.) or via bank transfer. The orders for which the agreed amount is not recieved, will be cancelled 1 working day before the delivery date. The order is processed only after the payment is completed and we determine that the funds are in our bank account. The payment is only taken to process through the pos of the related bank, after the payment method for the products (including the VAT and the amounts to be paid if you use a payment plan) are agreed upon by you. For this reason, the customer is sent a confirmation email before the shipment is made. When the shipment is given to delivery, the customer will receive delivery information on their email. In case of a problem in the process due to the location being in a non-delivery zone or payment problems, the customer will be notified via email/telephone. Under necessary circumstances, the customer may be asked to contact their bank. If there is a problem with  the availability of the product, the customer will be informed and may order another product of their choice, wait fort he product to be added to the inventory or cancel the order. During the payment process, the customer is required to enter their billing address. Their bill will be sent to the person/company that made the payment with the product. If you don’t want the bill to be sent to the same address as the product, please specify a different billing address. In situations of disagreement on your order, our responsibility can not exceed the price of the product before delivery. Your flower will be delivered in the date you specified during working hours. You may choose to have your flower delivered on a future date. You are required to complete your order by 12 pm if you want same day delivery and your order will be subject to express delivery charges. If order is completed after 4 pm, the product will be handed to delivery the next day, so the delivery will be made 2 days after the order is made. The flower can be delivered to a relative, friend or attendant if the delivery address is a hospital, military base, hotel etc. On very rare occasions, due to bad weather, road conditions or unexpected circumstances the delivery might be late. The delivery cost is determined according to the location of the delivery. Our company reserves the right to cancel orders, if the delivery address is not within our pre-determined areas. If the address of your delivery is changed, notification for it should be sent one day before the delivery. If the flower is not accepted by the receiver, the sender can request to have it sent back to their address within 2 days. By completing your order, you declare that you have read and accepted these terms.